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On the 25th of May, at the Osteria La Fabbrica in Losone, special guest:  Kala Jula! Samba Diabatè, an appreciated ambassador of the griot tradition of Mali and multi-instrumentalist and swiss composer Vincent Zanetti explore together a modern and innovative repertoire, influenced by blues and jazz.
Balfolk with Shillelagh and workshop on flemish dances on the 5th of May in Locarno. Only date in Switzerland!
On 20th of April we will travel across the sounds of Cuban music with the Sorah Rionda Trio. Sorah Rionda is heir to Cuban melodies and of ancestral cultures. She tells her story through folk songs and through her own compositions, enriched with some jazz and celtic sounds.  
On 17th of March we will be celebrating St. Patrick's day, the irish national holiday, at Osteria La Fabbrica with The Friel Sisters.  Anna, Sheila and Clare Friel are three young musicians....
Ballsy Swing is coming in Locarno on 3th of March!

Locarno Folk