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Barbara Knopf

Studies of musicology, ethnomusicology, science of communication, and French literature at the University of Zurich, concluded with a master. Studies of flute and piano at the Conservatory (University of music) of Zurich. A qualified journalist, she was in the past producer of traditional music and the head of folk music programmes for the Swiss German broadcaster DRS1, folk music journalist for the newspaper “Landbote”, reporter in Zurich for The Swiss telegraphic agency (ats), reporter for the newspaper "Le Temps" in Ticino and head of publicity and public relations for the Bach Collegium, in Zurich. Now she teaches French and German, is scientific collaborator for the association INTERPRET in Bellinzona, translator for Swissinfo and the OSI (Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana) and German examiner for the Office for unemployment of Canton Ticino. In 2012, she founded the LocarnoFolk Festival with her ex-husband Pietro Bianchi, with whom she has performed for a couple of years traditional music from Ticino and Lombardy / Piemont (flutes, pipes, vocals), togher with Carlo Bava and Diego Orelli. She plays the musette (french bagpipe) in the Piccola banda di cornamuse of Gabriele Coltri.



LocarnoFolk lean on an association. His directive commitee is composed of:


Marco Pisasale, president
Musicologist, Music teacher, music journalist

Elena Mora, vice-president
Social worker, sociocultural animator Pro Infirmis, ex-collaborator of Coopaso

Tania Camesi, secretary-treasurer

Physician's assistant, cromotherapist, singer in the choir Goccia di voci





Locarno Folk